Because of our company policy, we are unable to credit meters, however, if you are in difficulties, you can contact your local council or the national debt line at phone number 0808 808 400 if you need financial advice. Also, don’t forget you can activate your emergency credit.

There’s plenty you can do in your house to reduce your energy consumption. Try these tips below save on the energy you use:

Natural drying: Avoid tumble-drying by letting your clothes dry naturally. It’s better for the environment and for your pocket.

Insulate: Fit a good quality 80mm (3”) lagging jacket around your water tank. This will insulate the tank, keeping the water warmer for longer.

30°C washes just as clean! Most modern detergents work perfectly at 30ºC. It should say so on the box!

Defrost your freezer: There shouldn’t be more than a quarter of an inch of ice in the box.

Lower the temperature: Dropping the temperature of your hot water tank or central heating by just 5°C will make a real difference to your spend!

Boil only what you need: Don’t fill the whole kettle for one cup of tea.

Up-to-date tariff prices and unit rates can be found here

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Click on ‘Wallet’ at the bottom of the page and tap ‘Add New Card’. You will need to provide your card type, card number, expiry date, the name on your card and CVV.

By 2020 the UK government want all homes and small businesses to be offered the choice of installing a smart meter. The option to install them is completely up to you. The government believes smart meters are the way forward for supplying gas and electricity to customers across Britain.

So, what is a smart meter and what will these mean for your energy bills?

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart meters are the next generation of the electricity meter. While the exact function of the meter will remain the same, the information they provide the user and electricity provider will be greatly improved.

The use of real-time information in the smart meters allow you to see exactly how much energy you are using. This data will be available via an in-home display or an app on your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, your electricity supplier will also be able to read your meter in real time. The advantages of real-time readings mean that there are no more estimated bills and no more home callouts by your energy provider to take electricity readings.

How do I Top Up My Smart Meter? 

With our smart meters,  you can top up two different ways. Credit can be purchased through our app or in store.

Our Avid energy app is free to download from the app store. The app was designed to provide a convenient way for consumers to pay for their electricity.  One of the app’s most popular features is the ‘Auto- Top-Up’ option. Our customers simply choose a minimum balance and once the meter reaches that amount they will be automatically topped up.

Customers have the option of topping up at any pay zone shop. Once you have purchased the credit it will automatically update on your meter.

Benefits of a Smart Meter

If you’re still not convinced of why you should switch to a smart meter and what advantages your new electricity meter will bring to your home or business, take a look at these:

Smart Grid

Smart meters will help the UK create a smart energy grid.  The government believes smart meters will be able to manage the supply and demand for electricity and reduce our carbon footprint. The real-time data provided by smart meters will allow customers the option to reduce their energy consumption.  For example turning off unneeded appliances and adjusting their thermostats.


The meters come with a smart monitor that will allow customers to have complete control over their energy usage and energy cost.  The information is displayed in real time which allows you to see the impact different appliances has on your bill.

Save Money 

There is no cost involved in setting up the smart meter in your home. The unique feature our current customers love about our meters is the ability to track their energy usage in pounds. This allows them to budget what they are likely to spend on energy for the remainder of the month.

If you’re interested in switching to our smart meters today, why not give our sales team a call on 0808 284 0456