There’s plenty you can do in your house to reduce your energy consumption. Try these tips below save on the energy you use:

Natural drying: Avoid tumble-drying by letting your clothes dry naturally. It’s better for the environment and for your pocket.

Insulate: Fit a good quality 80mm (3”) lagging jacket around your water tank. This will insulate the tank, keeping the water warmer for longer.

30°C washes just as clean! Most modern detergents work perfectly at 30ºC. It should say so on the box!

Defrost your freezer: There shouldn’t be more than a quarter of an inch of ice in the box.

Lower the temperature: Dropping the temperature of your hot water tank or central heating by just 5°C will make a real difference to your spend!

Boil only what you need: Don’t fill the whole kettle for one cup of tea.