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Pay As You Go Electricity

No one cares about your energy quite as much as we do. We’re devoted to a simpler way, helping customers manage their energy better. Through our smart, pay as you go service.

With Avid Energy, you’re always in control. Why suffer from estimated bills, confusing tariffs or the corner shop closing at 9 pm? When you can top-up your electricity, wherever and whenever you like. At home, work or out and about, through our easy-to-use Avid App.

Avid Energy’s smart prepayment meter delivers a more convenient way to pre-pay for your electricity with additional benefits that are not available with the traditional ‘non-smart’ prepayment meters.

PrePay Electricity lets you take control of your electricity using our Smart App.

With Smart Pay, you can top up anytime & anywhere, set Auto Top-up so you never run low and manage your usage so you only pay as you use.

  • Auto Top Up

    No hassle topping up, we’ll take care of it for you

    Never worry about a low balance – we’ll keep you topped up

  • Remote Top Up

    Top Up anywhere, anytime using our Smart App

    Once you purchase a Top Up, it will go directly to your Smart Meter, wherever you are!

  • Control & Save

    Monitor your balance in our Smart App

    Track usage and save on your electricity!

    Know more, save more!

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